Adopted Birds Adopted Birds Cockatiels $25 to $35 adoption fee Our cockatiel mix consists of Zupreem Med Fruit, Roudybush Nibble or Mini, Higgens Small Fruit and Veggie and Higgens Vita Seed. 181401159 Joey A very shy little boy rescued from a very sad situation. He is in a loving foster home, on a great diet and learning love and trust. He's on a great diet of Zupreem, Roudybush, HIggens Large Fruit and Veggie as well as fresh food provided by his fosters. Not available! 181398113 Lois Blue Front Amazon wild caught. She on a good diet of our mix. She is not hand tame as yet, but very workable. With a little TLC she will make a wonderful friend. Adoption fee $175 includes cage 182604767 Barkley He's 20 years old and truly a sweet boy. He's had a difficult time the past few years and requires and experienced person with patience. 205868626 Dewey This is a delightful Ducorp Cockatoo. He is truly wonderful. He like young women and men. 205920362 Cockatiels $25 to $35 adoption fee Our cockatiel mix consists of Zupreem Med Fruit, Roudybush Nibble or Mini, Higgens Small Fruit and Veggie and Higgens Vita Seed. 181401160 Ray Ray This boy is a sweet and affection gem. He is shy at first and needs some time to get comfortable. He can be vocal like all Toos. He enjoys a diet of our mix. $300 adoption fee includes cage 181399964 Taco Taco is believed to be a teenager. He speaks Spanish and English. He will not step up on your arm willingly, but he can be so affectionate once he get to know you. He will willingly climb on to your lap. He's on a great diet of Zupreem, Roudybush, HIggens Large Fruit and Veggie with fresh food supplements added. $400 adoption fee includes cage 185124633 Cockatiels $25 to $35 adoption fee Our cockatiel mix consists of Zupreem Med Fruit, Roudybush Nibble or Mini, Higgens Small Fruit and Veggie and Higgens Vita Seed. 181401161 Paisley-pending adoption Paisley is a beautiful little birdie who has not been well and is currently in foster care. Not available 181398160 Susie Q and Delilah This little darling is 60 years old. She is very sweet even with her grumbles. She's best friends with Delilah. These babies must stay together She is offered our mix daily, but still prefers mostly the fruit and veggies and Roudybush. $300 adoption fee includes cage 185124736 Daffy & Daisy Two sisters from the same clutch. They are great friends and must stay together. They're on a super diet and have been all their lives. They are late teens in age. $750 adoption fee, includes cage 204592024 JoJo and Jaba These two are aging ex-breeder birdies. They are not tame, but they have learned to enjoy good food, toys and lots of light in their lives. They also enjoy being talked to. They're on a great diet of Roudybush California Blend, Mini. Not available! 181398114 Dominique She is beautiful. She came from another rescue and was in a breeding situation. She's fussy about who she likes, but if she like you, you've got a gem. $400 adoption fee, includes cage. 204592025 Corky and Sammy We're not sure of their age and know they're related by same parents and different clutches. They are not tame, but not aggressive and love each other very much. They're transitioning to a good diet. Adoption fee $100 includes cage. 186130435 Kiko Kiko is 42 years old and female. She been on a good diet and is a sweet girl for those she likes. Loves being out on a play gym Adoption fee $350.00 includes cage 188007727 Sunny Dear little 18 year old Jenday and very sweet and tame. We working on improving his diet without any problems. $100 adoption fee includes cage. 182397361 Cameo This girl is 24 years old and truly a sweetheart. I'm not sure how she feels about men, but she does well with women with patience. $400 adoption fee, includes cage. 204592026 205869458 205869862 204592027 Giggles 181423900 Maxwell Maxwell is 21 years old and extremely playful and loving for the people he learns to trust. He is on a great diet, but is not allowed to have seed or nuts. $450 adoption fee, includes cage 190235206 JJ JJ is believed to be in his mid 30s. He enjoys attention and likes hanging out with his feathered and non-feathered friends, but he does not like to be petted. He's a very well behaved boy and will make someone a wonderful companion. He's on a good diet of our mix Zupreem Fruit, Roudybush, Higgens Lgl. Fruit & Veggie. $200 adoption fee includes cage 181398158 Winnie Winnie is 13 years old and came to us with health issues. We're working on bringing her back to health and already has a home waiting for her. $400 adoption fee including cage. 195212615 Cowboy We're not sure of Cowboy's age, but we think it's a girl. It takes her a little while to warm up, but is a very sweet birdie. 198033436 Mo Mo Mo Mo came originally from a very sad situation, but then went to a loving home and was cherished until his beloved mom died. He's on a super diet, loves people food AND chooses his people. $150.00 adoption fee including cage. 193862313 205869864 Clark Blur Front Amazon that was wild caught. He is not hand tame so far, but is willing to accept a few people. He's on a good diet of our mix. Adoption fee $175.00 includes cage 182604765 Mork and Mindy Two beautiful cockatiels that come with an awesome flight cage. They need a little work to tame them down. They have transitioned to a good diet very well. $100 adoption fee included cage 189784730 205869873 181423901 Polly Polly is a male and 40 something. He has not been handled in quite some time, but one of our dear volunteers is able to get him out for cuddles and play. Adoption fee $200 including cage. 196469953 Zuli Zuli is 22 years old and was hatched with a deformed foot. He spent most of his life with a certified avian vet and was very well cared for and loved. His person died and now this dear fellow spends his days with us and looking for a family of his own. 198033393 205869866 Dino- Dino is approximately 20 years old and very sweet. She has to be converted to a good diet, but when ready will make a wonderful family/flock member. $300 adoption fee-no cage 189784731 185426925 204592029 Popcorn A truly beautiful birdie. He's on a good diel and is doing very well. He does not like women in particular. 205869877 181423902 204595306 181423903 204595307 Daffy and Daisy These beautiful girls are 9 years old and sisters from the same clutch. Both are very sweet, on a great diet of Zupreem, Roudybush, Higgens Large Fruit and veggie (they prefer Zupreem pellets_, but depend on each other and are best of friends. $900 adoption fee includes cage 185124635 205869941 Paco (Mullocan) Paco is a wild man, but very loving for most women. He's not crazy about men or children. 198033482 Beautiful pair. The female can be handled a little, but the male is pretty feisty. Both were used for breeding prior to coming to us. 192228858 181423904 Marley Marley is a handful! He will require someone with Amazon experience and this baby needs some TLC> 198033447 Luna Luna is beautiful and adores women. He's on a great diet (Zupreem Fruit, Roudybush, HIggens Lg. Fruit & Veggie) and loves to hang out on a play gym or on top of his cage. This baby will make that luck person a fantastic friend.. $425.00 adoption fee includes cage 181399958 Loro He was with us before, but has returned because his owner could not care for him anymore. He needs someone who understands the Scarlet Macaw. 15 years old. 205869944 Paco (Umbrella) 204596223 Rosetta Rosetta can be a handful, but for the people she chooses, she is very affectionate. 198033481 JD JD is beautiful and shy. He knows "step up" but is afraid. We believe he would thrive in a home with someone who understands him. We don't know his age, but he's been on a great diet (Zupreem, Roudybush, HIggens Lg Fruit & Veggie) since he's been with us. $275 adoption fee includes cage 189270528 Oliver 204596225 Sydney Beautiful Ducorp Cockatoo. 17 years old. Has not been handled in some time. We we also be working on diet. $300 adoption fee including cage. 194357662 Gertie This dear bird is not doing too well. It was discovered on her vet examination that she has heart issues. 205869946 199578867 Buddy Buddy is fussy about who he likes, but he is a very gentle and loving boy for his favs! 199578868 Abbie 204596227 181423905 199578870 Scooby 204596226 181423906 205870008 199578872 204596228 181423907 Skeeter Skeeter is a darling and very sweet boy who loves attention, cuddles and play. He is not overly loud for a Too and on a great diet. He enjoys a diet of our mix. $375 adoption fee includes cage 181399965 Fred Fred is 31 years old and a very sweet M2. He's been on a good diet and although shy, he's very gentle. $300 adoption fee with cage 199578873 Pepe 204596229 Bentlley He's a beautiful Sun Conure. He's 8 years old and very sweet. 205870681 205870010 199578874 204596230 Baby-Pending adoption Very sweet and shy little boy! We have no history on this boy as he came from a bad situation, but we believe him to be fairly young. Adoption fee $300 with cage. 187457851 205870011 199578875 Monkey This boy is a joy for those he accepts as part of his flock. He's very well behaved and not too loud for a cockatoo. This boy loves food and enjoys our mix as well as fresh food.. $300 adoption fee includes cage 188008069 Lois 204596232 Saber Saber is 17 years old and a very sweet bird. He is shy at first, but once the trust/bond is establishes, he is very affectionate. $300 adoption fee including cage. 196469958 199578876 181423908 Hercules Sweet and tame Jenday. He is 20 years old and came from a very sad situation. His diet is Harrison's fine, and our FS small mix. He did not come with a cage. Adoption fee $125.00 183063128 Bailey In foster care. 204596234 Boomer 198033394 Aaron-pending adoption This gentle little guy is believed to be in his 30s. He has been with one family all his life until he came to us. He does not know step up, but love scritches and is a very happy little fellow. $300 adoption fee with cage 188007722 199578878 Cameo 204596235 198684136 199578879 Sunshine & Buttercup These two have actually been separated due to fighting. Both are on great diets, but need some time and TLC Thes two are now in separate cages and doing very well. Adoption fee is $150 including the cage. 192228857 Yule A beautiful boy! 19 years old. He's very sweet to almost everyone. 205883125 Bumble 204596236 Zoe Sweet Pea 204596237 198684137 Bella Bella is 8 years old and stunning. She needs a little gentle guidance on behavior, but is a very smart little girl that will learn in no time. $400 adoption fee. 195212602 Astrea She is an ex-breeder bird that was in with Axel. He plucked her so we separated them. She is not tame either, but appears to like being talked to, so we're hopeful about her too. 205891697 Merlin-Pending adoption Merlin is very shy at first, but a gentle and sweet soul. Loves his toys and loves attention once he's willing to accept you. He's been on a great diet. $300 adoption fee with cage 188007728 199578881 Cowboy 204596239 Steve 198033495 Penelope Iggy is a loving gentle soul who came from a horrible situation. We do not have any history on this dear bird. He has a behavioral problem of mutilation. He also is suffering from issues relating to diet. We're working through all this. He is not yet available for adoption. 189270527 199578884 Pepper Jack Beautiful male tiel. He's 8 years old. Quite the singer. 205883124 Korra Beautiful bird! Green Cheek Conure just 2 years old and super sweet. 205905224 Conte Another beautiful conure. She 15 years old and sweet as can be. 205905225 204596240 Darby=pending adoption Darby is 11 years old and very shy and timid. He is also very gentle. He's on a great diet. Adoption fee $400 with cage 189270526 199578869 199578885 Bridget Beautiful Amazon 20-25 years old. She came from one owner who was an older woman and she passed. This bird was obviously very much cared for. She sings and talks up a storm. 205934378 Snow White Beautiful cockatiel. She's not tame. We don't have any idea of her age. 205883126 Willa and Paula-Pending Adoption These girls are best friends and have lived together for 28 years. They know "step up" and will allow you to hold them, but much prefer the company of each other. They are 30 years old. They came to us on a diet of sunflower seeds and peanuts along with people food and have transitioned over to a mix of Zupreem Fruit, Roudybush and HIggens Large Fruit & Veggie. $300 adoption fee includes cage 185124783 Blue 204596245 Rosie Rosie is a very sweet Mealy Amazon that was abandoned and taken in by a very kind person who could not keep him/her permanently. There is no band and we have no history, but this is a very sweet and gentle bird. Not yet available for adoption. 189532889 199578871 199578887 Lucky 204596248 199578888 Winnie 199578898 204596247 181423909 Jackpot-pending adoption We believe Jackpot to be late 30s to 40s. He's on a good diet of our mix and will eat almost anything offered. He's got quite a sense of humor and can be very talkative. $400 adoption fee includes cage 188007726 199578889 199578890 Joe Joe Rainbow Dash 204596250 181423910 Barney Barney is 18 year old male Caique. He's lived his life with a retired couple and is used to getting lots of attention. He will need to be with a family that works no more than a part-time job. He will also require someone with experience. An adorable, but busy little guy! $300 with cage 189295849 Victor Beautiful Sun Conure. Approximately 4 years old. He's quite outgoing and friendly once he gets to know you. He also does some talking. $175 adoption fee, includes cage 189988836 199578892 Sammy 204596253 199578893 Blue Blue is a Double Yellow Head Amazon approx. 20 years old. He is very sweet and came from a loving family where the owner died. He is extremely overweight and not on a good diet. These issues will be addressed by us. 189784583 204596244 Joni 204596255 Sookey Sookey was rescued and lovingly cared for for the past 12 years. She is very sweet and very beautiful. She is not yet available for adoption. 199578894 Frosty 204596256 Blossom 196469952 199578895 Sugar Very sweet Umbrella 2. She's 4 years old and suffers from severe mutilation issues. She has partially destroyed her bone in her breast leaving the lower portion of her heart exposed. She must wear a collar at all times. Not yet available for adoption. 183063129 Tooey 204596257 199578896 Vincent Vincent is a very dear little Orange Wing Amazon only about 7 years old. He's on a good diet and he's a very sweet birds. He still needs to learn "step up", but will let anyone pet him. He is currently in foster care for more one on one attention Adoption Fee: $300 with cage 191450077 Spring-Pending adoption Spring is a very sweet and tame cockatiel approximately 1 year old. She's converted easily to a good diet and will make someone a wonderful companion. $40 adoption fee-no cage 189784729 199578897 199578882 Cuddles Beautiful little guy, but needs some TLC. This baby is on a great diet now. 191450079 199578883 Pretty Boy Pretty Boy is a very dear little birdie! Like most conures, he suffers from a little cage aggression, but once out he's very sweet. $150 adoption fee including cage 195212612 181423911 Blue PENDING ADOPTION Blue is the most gentle and sweet bird. We don't have any idea of the age, but this birdie is eating well, playing toys and loves to be held. Also does very well on a play gym. Adoption Fee: $300 with cage 191450076 Haddie 196469956 181423912 Baby Baby is very young. Approx. 9 years old. This is a very sweet boy that loves everyone and is on a great diet of our mix, but actually prefers Roudybush.. $375 adoption fee includes cage 181399952 Moose 196469957 Cookie-pending adoption White Cap Pionus. Very sweet, but does not know step up. Will let you pet her. Needs some work on diet. $250 adoption fee, includes cage. 189988834 Ella Ella is a beautiful little girl. 15 years old and very sweet once out of the cage. She needs a little TLC and attention. She's on a great diet. $150 adoption fee with cage. 190854102 Finches $5.00 adoption fee Our finches and canaries are fed a diet consisting of Higgens Small Fruit and Veggie, Roudybush Nibble and Higgens Vita Finch. 181399957 CC CC is believed to be in her 20s. She's choosey about who she likes, But for that special someone she is a lamb. She's on a great diet too! Adoption fee: $300 with cage 192229074 Molly Beautiful little Sun Conure. 13 years old. Shy until she gets to know you. Her diet consists of Harrisons Fine along with oiur small birdie mix. Pending adoption 181399960 Bingo Beautiful Yellow Nape Amazon approx. 14--15 years old. Did not come in on a good diet, but we have worked with that and we believe he will soon be going home. 193862708 Kermit Kermit is an adorable 9 year old Caique. He has all the Caique personality. This is a birdie that needs to have an experienced owner. $200.00 adoption fee including cage. 193862312 Grumpy Girl - pending adoption Grumpy Girl is approximately 20 years old and extremely outgoing and very sweet. She has not been on a very good diet which we will be addressing. This lucky girl already has a home waiting for her when she's ready. $300 adoption fee. 189784732 Murphy Adorable Lesser Sulpher Crest. He's 16 years old. Super diet of our mix. Fabulous personality and loves children as well as most women. He is a pretty good talker and relatively quiet for a too. $300 adoption fee includes cage. 182373882 Prem Prem is a beautiful Scarlet Macaw. He's 10 years old and a very good boy. We're working on his diet. Adoption fee $ cage 189270529 Elmo-Unavailable Elmo is 14 years old and very gentle once out of his cage. He is on a good diet. He is currently unavailable as he is not feeling well and undergoing medication. $300 adoption fee with cage 190854103 Rose and Joey PENDING ADOPTION Beautiful Rosey Bourkes. They're approx. 4-5 years old and although not tame, are not in the least bit nippy. Adoption Fee: $75 with cage 191450080 Toby Beautiful and talkative Timneh Grey. Definitely prefers men,. On a pretty good diet. This boy is quite a character. $300 adoption fee, includes cage. 189988835 181423913 Chardonnay 194357658 Piper Piper is 7 years old and a darling Green Cheek Conure. We're working on a better diet for him and he's already starting to grow some feathers back. He loves playing on top of his cage and he loves his bells! Adoption Fee: $100 with cage 191797821 Bud Very beautiful male Rosey Bourke. He's approx. 5 years old and although not tame he's not at all nippy. Adoption Fee: $40 with cage 191450078 Frisco Frisco was rescued from a home where her owners lost interest. She has been well loved and cared for with her rescue family for the past 8 years. We estimate her to be 16-20 years old. Her adoption fee will be $400 including cage when available. $400 adoption fee with cage. 193862712 Roxxi-Pending Adoption Beautiful and sweet little girl who has been loved and well cared for. 193862715 181423914 Gabby-Pending Adoption Gabby is a 20 year old male that came from a loving home. He has a wonderful personality and is a joy! He's on a great diet too! Adoption fee $300 with cage. 188007725 Henry Beautiful Sun Conure approximately 10 years old. Is on a great diet and a very sweet bird. Needs just a little TLC $150 adoption fee with cage 190854105 Percy-PENDING ADOPTION Percy is a 12 year old M2 who came from a very loving home. He on a great diet and a wonderful birdie! 193162643 Conor Very dear 10 year old Senegal that came from a loving home. She needs some work on her diet, but is doing very well changing over. 194357659 Skeeter-Pending Adoption Skeeter is a beautiful M2 with so much charm and personality. He's very affectionate for those he loves. He's on a great diet and will make someone a fantastic friend! $350 adoption fee includes cage 189295851 193862709 191091149 Floyd 23 year old Green Cheek Conure. Needs a little hands on training, but all in all a very sweet birdie. We're working on diet with him. Not yet available for adoption. 182604766 Buster Buster is a very dear little Orange Wing Amazon. He is blind in one eye, but that doesn't stop him. He enjoys being held and being out on a play gym. $200 adoption fee including cage 195212603 Mimi-pending adoption Very sweet Blue and Gold on a super diet. 16 years old. $400 adoption fee with cage. 191091150 Fred 17 year old Goffins that has a very sweet personality. Very tame and full of energy. We need to work on a better diet. 194357660 193862711 181423915 191091151 193162642 Sid and Charlie Very tame and very sweet pair of Normal Grey Cockatiels. I don't know their age. $60.00 adoption fee, included cage and stand. 185426923 Piper 192228859 Barney Barney is approximately 48 years old. He has a problem with his beak which we are currently having checked. He's a very sweet bird. He came to us on a pretty poor diet and we're slowly working on that. Barney is now eating like a champ. His beak is slowly healing. We don't know if it will completely heal but he's doing great! Not available for adoption at this time 185124634 Heckle Heckle is a darling Severe Macaw. He's a little shy, but once he makes friends, loves cuddles and attention. $250 adoption fee including cage 195212607 191091153 Kyan Kyan is a beautiful Congo African Grey with a wonderful personality and disposition. He's a great talker and loves to make all kinds of sounds. He's been on a great diet too. He about 7-8 years old. Adoption Fee: $300 with cage 191797820 Maxine Maxine is 9 years old and a very sweet girl who loves almost everyone! She's on a great diet and loves hanging out with her buddies! Adoption fee: $350 with cage 192228860 193162644 Isabelle Isabelle is a beautiful Blue Front Amazon who has already made a friend and will soon be going home! $300 adoption fee including cage 195212608 181423916 Michaela Michaela is 16 years old female Umbrella Too. She came from a loving home and was very well cared for. You'll be hard pressed to find a sweeter birdie. She speaks very clearly and we have not found anyone that she will not go to. Adoption fee $300 with cage. 185117337 Goldfish & Cheezit $35 for the pair 192228861 Quincy Quincy is a Severe Macaw and 17-18 years old. He has been cage bound for some time, but he's quite a character and with a little time and patience will be a great addition to that special family. He also needs some work on a better diet. Adoption Fee: $250 with cage. 191797822 Buttercup & Sunny $35 for the pair 192228863 Precious Precious is 17 years old and a very dear little Citron. She loves coming out for play, but has not been handled in a little while and needs some guidance. $300 adoption fee including cage 195212611 181423917 Jimmie Jimmie is a 3 year old Jenday. He's precious. He came from a home where he was very much loved and well cared for and it shows because once he accepts his people he's very sweet. He's on a great diet, loves his toys, loves his play gym and adores his favorite people. Adoption Fee $175 with cage 191798458 Pudge & Smudge $35 for the pair 192228864 181423918 Sweet Pea-Pending Adoption The sweetest little U2 ever!!!!! She's on a great diet and as gentle as a lamb! $300 adoption fee includes cage. 188626354 Mikalia Michaela is a beautiful boy. He's 18 years old and loves to snuggle and play. He came from a loving home and is on a great diet. His adoption fee is $300 with his cage. 188007729 191450081 Angel Angel is beautiful and very affectionate. She came to us with a prolapse which has been a chronic problem for her. She has had surgery and will require someone who understands her specific needs. She is on a great diet. She is 10 years old. $300 adoption fee with cage.. 183321786 195212609 181423919 Cuddles Cuddles is a darling little boy and so well behaved, but he tends not to like most men and children and can be aggressive with both. However he does enjoy most women and is very affectionate. He's on a great diet and waiting for that special someone! Cuddles is 16 years old. Adoption fee $300 including cage. 183321787 181423920 181423921 195212613 181423922 181423923 Spanky Spanky is a tame pigeon that was found outside. He knows step up and is a great little birdie. Adoption fee $20 no cage. 184372271 181423924 Cosmo This is a very sweet and tame 10 year old cockatiel. He's a darling little boy. He's been well cared for and very much loved and it shows. $45 adoption fee with cage 189295850 TooToo Approximately 10 years old and is extremely loving and affectionate for those he likes. He enjoys playing on a hanging gym or on top of his cage. He's on a great diet of our mix and will make a wonderful friend. $300 adoption fee includes cage 181429719 Baby Doll Very sweet female Ekkie on a good diet of Harrison's Course, Roudybush California Blend and fruit and veggies.. Very tame and friendly. $200 adoption fee includes cage. 182373878 LIly Lily is 14 years old, very talkative and on a great diet. He comes with a history of being unpredictable, but so far we have not seen this side. Loves being out on a play gym or on top of his cage. Adoption fee $300 includes cage. 184682302 181423925 Dex Red Vent Cockatoo. This is a special needs birdie that is unable to use his feet. He is on a good diet of our mix. Loves his people and love to play. Pending adoption 182373879 Rosetta Rosetta is approximately 35 years old and quite the character. She loves to talk and sing. She tends to bite, but is stick trained and loves being out among her birdie friends. She on a great diet. Adoption fee $275 with cage. 184434369 Aztec Aztec is a beautiful Sun Conure. He's about 3 years old and on a great diet. He's a little shy at first, but a very sweet and tame bird. Adoption fee $175 with cage. 185099354 Sidney Sidney is 12 years old and very shy at first, but once you earn his trust he is very affectionate. He is not aggressive in the least. Pretty good talker too. He's on a great diet. Came from a loving home where he was loved and well cared for. Adoption fee $300 with cage. 184372272 181423926 Andy Andy is estimated to be in his 30s. He came to us with air sac rupture and has had several surgeries. We're hoping for a full recovery. He's a very sweet bird. UPDATE Andy has made a full recovery and ready for his new home! 185087009 181423927 Boo Very sweet and loving U2. Appears to enjoy everyone. He's a very good talker and loves to play. Needs some work on his diet. $300 adoption fee includes cage 182373881 181423928 181423929 181423930 Diva 18 years old and extremely affectionate once she gets to know and trust. She's on a great diet and simply darling! Adoption fee $400 includes cage. 186130434 181423931 Boo 24 years old and very sweet. He's on a great diet and loves his toys. $300.00 adoption fee, includes cage. 185426924 181423932 181423933 Shilo This girl was brought to us from Tri-State. She had been injured by a cat. Tri-State treated her and brought her back to health and asked us to help her find a home. She's on a great diet and does not come with a cage. Adoption fee $20,00 182512306 Stinky Stinky is a beautiful Indian Ring Neck male. His previous owner had him for about a year and does not know how old he was when she got him. He's not been on a great diet, but is converting well. He shy and a little frightened, but once out and given time to cope, he does very well. Adoption fee $75.00 with no cage. 184681596 181423934 Amigo Amigo is choosey about who he likes, but he sure does like female Ekkies! He's on a diet of Harrison's, Roudybush Cal. Blend, Med. and Fruit and Veggies. Eclectus do best on a diet high in fiber and low in fat. $200.00 adoption fee with cage. 182512363 181423935 Lulu Lulu is beautiful and adores men. She will tolerate women. She loves to perform with dance, song and has a lot to say for her guys! She is doing very well on our diet mix. $375 adoption fee includes cage 185156913 181423936 181423937 Niki Niki is a very tame Blue Head Pionus and on a wonderful diet. With very little time, he will make someone a fantastic friend. Adoption fee $300 including cage. 183321788 Tiko 7 years old and darling! He has not been on a very good diet and we're working on that. He's quite the handsome man. $300 adoption fee, PENDING 186130437 181423938 Zena Zena is approx. 15-17 years old. She's used to be out of her cage, but has not been handled in at least 10 years. We're working on diet, This bird needs time and patience. Adoption fee $275 including cage. PENDING 186206791 181423939 Leo Leo is approximately 17 years old. He came to us approximately 2 years ago named Lilly. Has since been DNA sexed male. His original owner died and the remaining family members were unable to care for him. He's beautiful and he all macaw. He will require someone with some macaw experience. $500 adoption fee with cage. 183321867 Sidney Sidney is 8 years old and has gone through a bit of a tough time. We will be nurturing him and helping him find his loving family. PENDING 186299107 181423940 186130438 181423941 181423942 185426926 181423943 181423944 181423945 Baby Baby is at least 7 years old. The previous owner did not know how hold she was when she got her. She's a sweet bird, but shy. She's not been on a good diet and we're working on that. She will make someone a wonderful friend. Adoption fee $300 with cage. 183553566 181423946 181423947 181423948 181429143 Munchkin This bird was found outside and never claimed. He is now available for adoption. He is very tame and friendly. Adoption fee $275 with cage. 183820399 181429144 181429145 Petey Very sweet and tame birdie! He's on a great diet of Roudybush California Mini and our small FS mix. He loves almost everyone. Adoption fee $175 with cage. 183820401 181429146 181429147 181429148 181429149 181429150 181429151 181429152 181517074 181517075 181517076 181517077 181517078 181517079 181517080 181517081 181517082 181517083 181517084 181517085 181517086 181517087 181517088 181517089 181517090 181517091 181517092 181517093 181517094 181517095 181517096 181517097 181517098 181517099 181517100 181517101 181517102 181517103 181517104 181517105 181517106 181517107 181517108 181517109 181517110 181517111 181517112 181517113 181517114 181517115 181517116 181517117 181517118 181517119 181517120 181517121 181517122 181517123 181517124 181517125 181517126 181517127 181517128 181517129 181517130 181517131 181517132 181517133 181517134 181517135 181517336 181517337 181517338 181517339 181517340 181517341 181517342 181517343 181517344 181517345 181517346 181517347 181517348 181517349 181517350 181517351 181517352 181517353 181517354 181517355 181517356 181517357 181517358 181517359 181517360 181517361 181517362 181517363 181517364 181517365 181517366 181517367 181517368 181517369 181517370 181517371 181517372 181517373 181517374 181517375 181517376 181517377 181517378 181517379 181517380 181517381 181517382 181517383 181517384 181517385 181517386 181517387 181517388 181517389 181517390 181517391 181517392 181517393 181517394 181517395 181517396 181517397 181517398 181517399 181517400 181517401 181517402 181517403 181517404 181517405 181517406 181517407 181517408 181517409 181517410 181517411 181517412 181517413 181517414 181517415 181517416 181517417 181517418 181517419 181517420 181517421 181517422 181517423 181517424 181517425 181517426 181517427 181517428 181517429 181517430 181517431 181517432 181517433 181517434 181517435 181517436 181517437 181517438 181517439 181517440 181517441 181517442 181517443 181517444 181517445 181517446 181517447 182375679 182375680 182375681 182407545 183213844 189861658 189861659 189861660 189861661 189861662 189861663 189861664 189861665 189861666 189861667 189861668 189862275 189862276 189862277 189862278 189862279 189862280 189862281 189862282 189862283 189862284 189862285 189862286 189862287 189862288 189862289 189862290 189862291 189862292 189862293 189862294 189862295 189862296 189862297 189862298 189862299 189862300 189862301 189862302 189862303 189862304 189862305 189862306 189862307 189862308 189862309 189862310 189862311 189862312 189862313 189862314 189862315 189862316 189862317 189862318 189862319 189862320 189862321 189862322 189862323 189862324 189862325 189862326 189862327 189862328 189862329 189862330 189862331 189862332 189862333 189862334 189862335 189862336 189862337 189862338 189862339 189862340 189862341 189862342 189862343 189862344 189862345 189862346 189862347 189862348 189862349 189862350 189862351 189862352 189862353 189862354 189862355 189862356 189862357 189862358 189862359 189862360 189862361 189862362 189862363 189862364 189862365 189862366 189862367 189862368 189862369 189862370 189862371 189862372 189862373 189862374 189862375 189862376 189862377 189862378 189862379 189862380 189862381 189862382 189862383 189862384 189862385 189862386 189862387 189862388 189862389 189862390 189862391 189862392 189862393 189862394 189862395 189862396 189862397 189862398 189862399 189862400 189862401 189862402 189862403 189862404 189862405 189862406 189862407 189862408 189862409 189862410 189862411 189862412 189862413 189862414 189862415 189862416 189862417 189862418 189862419 189862420 189862421 189862422 189862423 189862424 189862425 189862426 189862427 189862428 189862429 189862430 189862431 189862432 189862433 189862434 189862435 189862436 189862437 189862438 189862439 189862440 189862441 189862442 189862443 189862444 189862445 189862446 189862447 189862448 189862449 189862450 189862451 189862452 189862453 189862454 189862455 189862456 189862457 189862458 189862459 189862460 189862461 189862462 189862463 189862464 189862465 189862466 189862467 189862468 189862469 189862470 189862471 189862472 189862473 189862474 189862475 190083034 190083035 190083136 190083137 190083138 190083139 190083140 190083141 190083142 190083143 190083144 190083145 190083146 190083147 190083148 190083149 190083150 190083151 190083152 190083153 charlie 197247291 Blossom 197247401 Grumpy 198033260 Autumn 198033261 Louie & Decker 198033262